With television programs specifically geared towards home design to the hundreds of personal blogs and Pinterest accounts online, the modern homebuyer is flooded with new ideas for their future home. Many of these homebuyers choose new construction over a resale because of the opportunity to build their future dream home with all of these ideas inside.  

When building a new construction home with any home builder, the process after the written contract entails sitting with a design specialist choosing what specifically goes into the home from the offered standard features and options selected by the builder. These design appointments are often time consuming and require on-the-spot decision making for everything going inside the home. The decisions range from exterior paint colors to carpet styles and everything else in between.

After the process is complete, homebuyers looking for specific decors or designs might feel disappointed because the design center did not offer the option. This is the difference between Archway and most new construction homebuilders.    

While Archway does follow the process of meeting with a private designer to choose what goes inside the home, our process takes into account what the homebuyer wants and needs in their future home.  One of the biggest advantages that Archway can offer future homebuyers is the ability to customize floorplans, including the capability to make significant structural and design changes to our base floorplans that will suit the family’s needs.

In addition to the ability of making structural changes, the design center has hundreds of interior structural and décor options for homebuyers to choose from that allows for additional customization.

For homebuyers looking for decor options not currently offered at the design center, the Archway purchasing team will price and acquire the specific items to be installed in the home. Our goal at Archway is to ensure ultimate homebuyer satisfaction.   

At the end of the day, the home building process is an intimate experience between the future homeowners and the builder. Here at Archway Custom Homes, we do not want to be building our home; we want to be building your family’s home.

For more information about our available communities located around the North Atlanta area, please visit our website at www.archwaycustomhomes.com. You can be inspired by Archway’s previous completed projects by connecting with us on social media through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!