Preferred Lenders

Archway Custom Homes gives future homeowners the opportunity to choose from one of our two preferred lenders that will be able to fulfill all future lending needs. With the years of experience working with new construction home loans, the professionals at Ameris Bank and Wells Fargo will be able to guide you through every step of the mortgage lending process. See why choosing one of our preferred lenders over a general mortgage provider is the best decision when purchasing an Archway Custom Home! 

• By choosing an Archway Preferred Lender for your mortgage, Archway Custom Homes will pay $5,000 towards the closing cost of the home
• Both lenders offer the most competitive rates in the market and will work to find the loan that suits you best
• The trusted professionals at Ameris Bank and Wells Fargo will guide you through every step throughout the mortgage process and be able to address any questions you might have along the way
• Using one of our Preferred Lenders over a general mortgage company greatly reduces any potential hassles or issues that could delay the closing of your home

Ready to get started? Click on either the Ameris Bank and Wells Fargo link to get in touch with one of our trusted mortgage professionals to start the process today.